MAZINSA is a Mexican business that owns sardine boats, it is dedicated to the fishing, production and commercialization of flour, oil, soluble and hydrolyzed tuna, and sardine products as well as frozen sardine. Strategically located in the Mexican Pacific, in the seaports of Mazatlan, Sinaloa and Guaymas, Sonora.

We belong to the most important fishing group in Mexico, being the main flour producer, we have the most important fleet with the largest installed capacity, we are part of Grupo PINSA which is among the top 250 most important companies in the country.



To fish and elaborate high quality marine products for Mexico and the world, seeking sustainable development and promoting Social and Environmental Responsibility.


To position ourselves as the first national producer of fish flour, oil, soluble and canned fish, competing in international markets with two facilities. Guaranteeing food safety and quality in our products, promoting the development and sustainable growth of operations and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Moral Standards

  •  Passion
  •  Teamwork
  •  Integrity
  •  Innovation
  •  Rsesult


We take responsibility for our actions, we dedicate ourselves with passion in everything we do, exceeding our goals, offering high-quality innocuous products.


We work as a team adding actions together, multiplying results to boost value creation towards all interest groups with which we interact.


Our actions are governed with ethics, honesty, and consistency. They involve all our internal and external stakeholders in a culture of Social an Environmental Responsibility.


We foster the creation and application of new ideas and better ways to do our job, applying environmentally friendly processes and technologies.


We are committed to create value in everything we do to achieve extraordinary results that support responsible and sustainable growth of our operations.


Our social responsibility culture management is based on the spreading of, and compliance with regulations, codes and policies established by the company and directed towards sustainability and social responsibility.




On May 16th of the current year, during the 12th Latin American meeting for socially responsible companies, Maz Industrial was awarded for the sixth consecutive year the badge of socially responsible business from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

Join the social responsibility!


Ethical commitment

For Maz Industrial commitment to promote universal human rights, the Global Agreement’s principles and ethical management amongst our collaborators, their families and the main stakeholders is fundamental.

Code of Conduct

At Maz Industrial we hold a code of conduct, which is a guide to govern the behavior of collaborators and stakeholders; Providing more information regarding ethical behaviors that we promote. Below, you can find our code of conduct.


In Maz Industrial we are recognize that our people are, have been and always will be the foundation of our success, that is why we carry out various safety, health, education, commitment, and respect programs that help the growth and satisfaction for our collaborators that sustains their quality of life within our organization.


“Putting our hands together we create MAZ”

The relationship with the community is very important for Maz Industrial since through support links and mutual help we will accomplish greater benefit and growth not only for the company but also for our community. That is why we carry out joint programs with other companies, associations, universities, public and private, national, and international organizations.

COMPETE, it is up to all of us

Since 2013 we collaborate with other local companies that are socially responsible, creating a non-profit association called COMPETE. This association´s goal is to promote cancer prevention and early detection, as well as providing economic support for the treatment of children with cancer at the Sinaloa pediatric hospital. We are a collection center for the permanent campaigns: Donate lids and save lives, “Trenzando Sonrisas”, Donate PET plastic and Save the Planet.


The environment is one of the most important commitments we have at Maz industrial, and we take care about our environment along with our stakeholders throughout the different awareness programs, care and preservation of the environment, the use of processes and environmentally friendly technology that helps us ensure a better planet for our collaborators and future generations.

Maz Responsible Consumption

Our relationship with our customers and consumers is very important for Maz Industrial, that is why we make sure to offer innocuous and high-quality products, and we conduct certified processes through GMP+FSA and authorized in accordance with national legislation from the SSA.




Concentrated source of protein with excellent quality and a high percentage of vitamins and essential amino acids in a digestible presentation, mainly methionine, cysteine, lysine, threonine, and tryptophan.

It is an ingredient used in the preparation of balanced foods for poultry, pigs, cattle, bovine livestock, cattle, and aquaculture.

Our entire production comes from a process involving indirect low-temperature steam that ensures the preservation of the components for the whole fish.

Our flours are a fundamental ingredient, comprised of every chemical component of whole fish that improve the performance for the animal’s development. Additionally, tuna flour is an ingredient containing essential fatty acids from the Omega 3 and 6 family (DHA), which is important for the functionality of every living being’s organism.


Prime A Standard B Standard Tuna
Species Opisthonema, Sardinops sagax, Scomber japonicus, Engraulis mordax Opisthonema, Sardinops sagax, Scomber japonicus, Engraulis mordax
Cetengraulis mysticetus
Thunnus albacares/Skipjack tuna
PROTEIN 67 – 70% 65 – 67 % 60 – 64 % 58 – 60%
HUMIDITY 10% 10% 10% 10%
FAT 10% 12% 12% 10%
AGL 10% 10% 10% 10%
TVN 120 mg/100 g 120 mg/100 g 120 mg/100 g
HISTAMINE 100 ppm 500 ppm 500 ppm 500 ppm
SALT AND SAND 5% 5% 5% 5%
ANTIOXIDANT 150 ppm 150 ppm 150 ppm 150 ppm




A product with low solids and humidity content, that stores highly concentrated energy with a large quantity of Omega 3 fatty acids, mainly DHA and EPA. These fatty acids have an important function in every organism, mainly they provide a healthy cardio system.

It’s a food used as an additive in balanced foods, a nutritional supplement due to its Omega content, or in the chemistry and pharmaceutical industry.



Tuna Sardine Tuna head 
AGL  6% max. 3% max. 3% max.
HUMIDITY AND IMPURITIES 1% max. 1% max. 1% max.
PEROXIDES INDEX 4 meq/kg 4 meq/kg 4 meq/kg
IODINE INDEX 160 – 190 160 – 190 160 – 190
DHA 24 11 26
EPA 6 13 6




Product with a high content of B complex vitamins, amino acids, and fat-soluble proteins. It is a bio-activator that improves the soil by increasing organic matter and protecting it against pests.
It is used as an organic fertilizer, attractant in balanced foods, an excellent pellet binder and increases food palatability.


PH  < 4.5
PROTEIN 26% min.
TVN < 600 mg/100 gr
FAT > 9%


  •  Metallic 200 L barrel
  • 1000 Kg containers
  • 18 and 20 tons flexi-vats
  • Per ton in bulk





Concentrated liquid product composed of low molecular weights obtained from an enzymatic hydrolysis process.

Used as an ingredient for pet products and balanced meals, for its high availability of proteins, vitamins and minerals.




PH < 3.9
PROTEIN 31% min.
TVN < 300 mg/100 gr
FAT < 8%



Concentrated fish protein, composed of peptides and low molecular weight amino acids that have been purified through membranes. The product contains an excellent source of fatty acids and optimal levels of highly digestible nutrients.
Being a great nutrition source, the product is used for special pet feeding, poultry diets, aquaculture diet and general balanced foods.


Humidity Max. 7%
Fat Max. 20%
Protein Min. 60%
Ash Max. 13%


  • MSC

Mazatlán Facility

Guaymas Facility


Customer Service

Tél 52 669 984 9199
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Fax 52 669 984 9110

Mazatlán Facility

Estero de urías s/n
Col. Urías C.P. 82099
Mazatlán, Sinaloa. México

Guaymas Facility

Sin Calle LOTE 2B
Parque Industrial Pesquero
R. Sánchez Taboada C.P. 85486
Guaymas, Sonora. México

Mazatlán Facility

Guaymas Facility

Job Pool

At Mazinsa we seek talent looking to join a team of excellence, working with our ample portfolio of leading brands in the tuna sector. Develop in an environment with leaders and colleagues of the highest professional level. If you wish to be part of our vision of feeding with superior quality for a better tomorrow. Share with us your information in the following text box.

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